Forwarding translations
The text to be translated can be sent to us by e-mail, traditional post or fax. It is possible to send the text only for the purpose of the quote - we present the price offer and suggest the date of the translation. The finished translation is provided in the electronic file and at the client's request also in the form of a printout. Depending on the needs of the client, we send them by fax or email (slightly different are the rules of performing certified translations).

Translation modes
For standard documents: normal - 2 working days, urgent (price higher by 50%) - 1 working day very urgent (price higher by 100%) - on the day of ordering. Mode and deadline for translation of non-standard documents is determined each time with the client. By setting the date of translation, holidays are not taken into account.

Certified translations
Certified translations are performed by sworn translators who have been given the appropriate authority and have taken an oath. These translations are legal in nature, and for this reason, they are slightly different when ordering: Texts for translation should be provided in the original. The translation is provided in the form of a print, signed by the translator and stamped with the translator's stamp. The translation shall be provided in one copy. One standard page contains 1125 characters (including spaces).